Dental Fillings In Panama

Dental fillings in Panama

A dental filling is a treatment that restores and protects teeth that have been damaged by caries or tooth decay.

Caries or tooth decay is a common health problem and is caused by a lack of dental hygiene. Sugary foods and beverages that remain on the tooth weaken the enamel, which can eventually cause tooth decay. Remember to consistently floss and brush your teeth to keep them healthy, clean and to avoid tooth decay.

Ensure that you have regular check-ups with your dentist for preventative dental care measures to find and treat problems early. When a filling is needed, your dentist will remove the decayed tooth material, clean the tooth and then fill it with a material of your choosing. The most commonly used materials for fillings are composite resin and silver amalgam.

Prices for Dental Fillings

In Panama, the price of a dental filling can cost between $90 and $300.

The price for dental fillings is dependant on a number of factors, including:

The dental clinic and dentist performing the procedure
The location of the tooth needing repair
The extent of damage that needs to be repaired
The material of the filling: amalgam fillings are less expensive than composite fillings

How do you know if you need a Dental Fillings In Panama?
People of all ages, even young children, may need a tooth filling. Perhaps you have a nagging toothache, sudden pain when you bite down, or sensitivity to hot and cold. You may even have noticed a cavity, or food getting caught in a damaged tooth.

Reasons for needing a tooth filling
Tooth decay:

Tooth decay is the most common reason for needing a filling. Bacteria can feed on the sugars and starches left on your teeth by food or drink, causing plaque to form. The acids in plaque soften and then dissolve your enamel (the hard-protective coating on your teeth). This causes tiny holes which then grow bigger.

Acid erosion:

Your protective enamel coating can get worn away by acids in certain foods and drinks, or by some medical conditions like reflux or hiatus hernia.


You might have a sharp, broken or chipped tooth as part of an injury, or after eating something very hard. This can expose the inner parts of the tooth and lead to erosion over time.

Abrasion and attrition:

This is when teeth get worn, and can be caused by brushing too aggressively or grinding your teeth.

The Procedure
The first step in the Dental Fillings In Panama procedure is to administer a local anesthetic so that the area around the affected tooth becomes numb, increasing the comfort of the patient throughout the procedure.

Next, the decayed or damaged tooth and its surrounding areas should be prepared for restoration. A dental hand-piece or laser may be used to remove the damaged parts of the tooth. An acid gel is used to cleanse the area to remove any remaining bacteria or debris. The filling material is then applied to the area to fill the cavity.

The placing of a composite filling requires isolation of the affected tooth; this aims to prevent any interference by allowing moisture in the bonding process in the composite restoration. For this to occur, various adhesives are placed before the composite material. The composite material can then be hardened with the use of a special bonding light.

Finally, the finished tooth can be polished to conclude the dental filling procedure.

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