Dental Veneers in Panama City

Will the color of my teeth be brighter if I put on some Dental Veneers?

Everyone is entitled to a beautiful smile. With the use of porcelain veneers, our staff at Dental One in Coste del Este, Panama City, can restore your smile. These thin shell-like covers are placed on the front portion of your teeth to discreetly hide any imperfections, including teeth that appear misshapen, chipped, or discoloured.

One concern regarding porcelain veneers is their colour and whether they would be more brilliant than your natural teeth. To ensure that your porcelain veneers maintain consistency with your natural teeth or any desired appearance, we can produce a hue that matches the rest of your teeth for your veneers.

Dental Veneers in Panama City

What colour are veneers?

To determine the ideal size and shape of the dental veneer, our cosmetic dentist creates an impression of your teeth. After that, we may assess the overall shade of your teeth to decide which veneer shade would best complement your smile. Porcelain can be painted in a variety of white hues, including one that complements the rest of your teeth.

Once the veneer is prepared, we will then trim a little portion of enamel from your native tooth. The trimmed region will be covered by the veneer, which will be secured in place by dental cement.

Can veneers change colour over time?

If properly cared for, a Dental One porcelain veneer can last several years.

Even while the porcelain material is more stain-resistant than your natural enamel, damage to the veneer still has the potential to cause it to change colour. By applying too much pressure, for instance, you could damage the cover surface. Any alterations to your natural teeth could also have a detrimental effect on the veneer’s appearance by making it appear brighter than the surrounding teeth.

Maintaining the aesthetic quality of your veneers without drawing attention to them requires proper dental care. To preserve your smile and prevent your teeth from becoming darker, make sure to brush your teeth twice a day and schedule routine dental cleanings every four to six months.

An improvement compared to bonding
Dental veneers may be a better option than dental bonding in many circumstances since porcelain does not change colour. While a bonding agent can restore a tooth’s original shape, the bonding substance won’t change colour the way a tooth’s natural tooth might, which could lead to discoloured patches. For many people, a veneer is a more suitable and practical alternative because it covers the tooth and produces a more natural-looking appearance without those stains.

To restore your smile, speak with a Panama City cosmetic dentist.

If you’re seeking for a cosmetic dentist in Panama, you may put your trust in Dental One. We can examine your smile and make a dental veneer that is suitable for you. To make an appointment at our Panama City office, call us or visit our website. Our office is located at Town Center Costa del Este, Torre Bambú, piso 6, office 616-A.

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