Orthodontics and dento-facial orthopedics

Dr. Francisco Sousa-Lennox

He graduated from the University of Panama (1995), with first place and the Pierre Fauchard Academy Award.

Later, he specialized in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (University of Chile, 2000) also graduating with the highest score and the awards for “best student” (University of Chile) and “Academic Excellence” (Orthodontic Society of Chile).  He continued at the Roth Williams Center (2001-2003) where he conducted studies in the management of TMDs and occlusal pathologies.

Currently, he is affiliated with the Panamanian Society of Orthodontics (which he chaired in 2012-2014), the Panamanian Dental Association and the World Association of Orthodontics. The AOP awarded him the “Dentist of the Year” award (2017). He has lectured nationally and internationally on his specialty.