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Dentist in Costa del Este – 10 questions you should ask your dentist

As a leading dental practice serving Panama City, we’re proud to provide high-quality, personalized dental care to our patients, but we believe that, in addition to in-office treatments, patient education is vitally important to a healthy smile.

How often should I have a dental exam and cleaning?
While most people need a dental checkup every 6 months, everyone is different, so it’s good to ask what’s best in your specific case.

Learn more about why it is important to carry out your dental cleanings, consult our Dentist In Costa Del Este any questions you have during the consultation.

Other Questions You Can Ask When You Visit Your Dentist In Costa Del Este

What Are the Best Ways to Practice Good Oral Hygiene at Home?
In addition to daily brushing and flossing, take your oral hygiene to the next level by following a few steps to good dental health. These include:

· Using products that contain fluoride.
· Limiting snacks that are high in sugar.
· Eating a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables.
· Avoiding tobacco in any form; including vaping.

How Can I Improve the Whiteness of My Teeth?
Most people experience some discoloration of teeth over the years, either from surface stains or internal ones. Treat stains caused by coffee, wine, tobacco, and pigmented foods with at-home whitening or have professional, in-office whitening done regularly. For internal discoloration, consider composite bonding or the application of veneers to the affected teeth, which provides a more permanent solution; please, do discuss these options with your primary dentist before any decision.

How Do I Prevent Tooth Decay, Gingivitis, and Other Problems?
The best way to ensure a healthy mouth is to follow a balanced diet and regularly visit the dentist while maintaining your oral care routine with twice-daily brushing and once-daily flossing.

Why Should I Have Dental X-Rays Taken?
Your dentist may need to take a full set of dental X-rays early into the doctor-patient relationship. X-rays help your doctor monitor any changes that could be happening in your teeth between appointments; therefore, during check-ups and cleaning appointments, bite-wing x-rays should be taken.

What Is Tooth Sensitivity and Why Do I Have It?
Patients with tooth sensitivity could feel mild discomforting sensations up to pain when they consume foods or drinks that are hot, cold, sweet or acidic. Sensitivity happens when tooth enamel, which usually protects the tooth’s pulp and dentin, is thinned from repeated exposure to acidity and extreme temperatures. Sensitivity can also occur because of:

· Receding gums
· Tooth grinding during sleep
· Chipped or fractured teeth
· Tooth whitening
· Orthodontics and fillings

When Should I Consider Dental Implants?
Dental implants are the ideal way to replace missing or weakened teeth. Implants are permanent and serve as an excellent alternative to dentures for anyone with an otherwise healthy mouth and jaw. Most adult patients are good candidates for dental implants because they can help prevent the remaining teeth from moving or loosening.

Should I Use Mouthwash Regularly?
It depends – there are different kinds of mouthwash. Cosmetic mouthwashes aim to freshen breath and to maintain a healthy teeth color, but also help keeping your enamel healthy since they contain fluoride to help fight cavities as well. Therapeutic rinses work to help treat conditions such as gingivitis, tooth sensitivity, and inflammation; but these must be recommended by your dentist. For more advanced conditions, prescription mouthwashes often contain chlorhexidine gluconate to kill bacteria that cause bleeding, inflammation, plaque or biofilm formation; these also should be recommended by your primary dentist and should be taken for an established period of time, they are not for daily or unsupervised use.

At What Age Should My Child First See a Dentist?
Studies show children can develop their first cavities by two years old. We recommend booking the first visit with the pediatric dentist when your baby is 6 months old or at least, once their first tooth appears. The first visit with the orthodontist should be scheduled when your kid is 7-8 years old.

Call us at 309-1007 to request an initial appointment with your Dentist in Costa del Este in the pediatric dentistry area. The first appointment with the orthodontist is recommended at seven (7) years of age because this allows problems in the growth of the jaws to be detected in a timely manner.

When Do Baby Teeth Typically Fall Out?
Most children begin losing their baby teeth between the ages of six and eight. They typically fall out in roughly the same order in which they grew; these may vary from person to person and between boys and girls.

How is My Overall Dental Health?
Asking your dentist to give you an overall dental-health overview and recommendations will help you better manage your day-to-day dental care. Here’s what you should aim to learn from this overview:

· Whether or not you’re brushing and flossing correctly
· How does your gums look
· If there are any areas you need to keep an eye on (like weak teeth, potential for cavities, etc.)

What Type of Toothbrush and Toothpaste Should I Be Using?
With so many kinds of toothbrushes available today– electric, hard and soft bristles, deep cleaning, angled heads, bristle patterns, and more– it’s best to get advice from your dentist. Although, we highly recommend using soft or extrasoft brushes.

Asking questions during your dentist appointments will help you stay in control of your dental health. When you make practicing good dental hygiene a priority, you set yourself up for a lifetime of healthy, beautiful teeth.

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