Orthodontic treatments in Panama

Ortodoncia en Panama​

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Orthodontics is important to both your oral and overall health and you should know your options regarding orthodontic treatments.

When you hear the word orthodontics, you probably think of a teenager with metal braces, but orthodontic services have moved on a long way from that and cover a far greater percentage of the population.

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with abnormalities in the position or arrangement of the teeth and jaw.

Some people have naturally straight teeth that fit together. But if you have problems with your bite or the spacing of your teeth, you may need orthodontic care.

Ortodoncia en Panama

What's the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist?

Dentistry is a broad dental specialty that deals with the teeth, gum, nerves and jaw, while orthodontics is a specialty within dentistry that focuses on correcting bites, occlusion and the straightness of teeth. One important difference is that all orthodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are licensed orthodontists.

Orthodontic care involves the use of devices, such as braces, to:

  • Straighten teeth
  • Correct problems with bite
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Align lips and teeth properly
  • Metal brackets are more noticeably than porcelain brackets

Orthodontics Options

These are the orthodontics options currently available:

Macro snapshot of open mouth, teeth, ceramic braces with colorful rubber bands on them, latex cheek retractor on lips. Dentist checking teeth with mirror and dental explorer. Concept of orthodontics

Metal and Porcelain braces

These are permanently adhered to your teeth and can only be taken off by the orthodontist at the end of treatment:

  • The orthodontist tightens the wires during treatment to help shift the teeth
  • There are certain food and drink restrictions with this treatment
  • Most bite and alignment issues can be treated with braces
Close-up Of A Woman's Hand Putting Transparent Aligner In Teeth

They are clear plastic aligners that can be easily removed to eat, brush and floss your teeth.

Treatment includes a new set of aligners every two weeks or so, as your teeth shift into proper alignment.

Invisalign can handle both simple and complicated alignment issues.

Ortodoncia en Panama

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are braces that are attached to the back of the teeth instead of the front making them practically invisible to the people around you.

They are made up of brackets and wires like traditional braces, but because of their positioning they are more discrete.

They can be more difficult to clean properly because it is on the back of your teeth which is harder to reach.

There may also be difficulties with speech because the braces are on the inside of your teeth and you may have a lisp until you get used to them.

Ortodoncia en Panama


In some cases, surgery can contribute to your Orthodontic treatment in Panama by changing the relationship between both maxillae and mandible; this is performed by the maxilofacial surgeon.

Selecting Your Orthodontist

Your orthodontist at Dental One will guide you on what type of orthodontic services you may need. Therefore, it is important to, not only find an orthodontist who is skilled at the most comprehensive range of orthodontic services, but one who really cares about their patients. Chairside manner is important. Orthodontic care can be a little difficult so you want someone who will soothe your anxiety away and really listen to your concern.

The staff at Dental One are experts in their field and offer all their patients the individual attention they deserve.