Invisible Aligners for Teens in Panama

Invisible Aligners for Teens in Panama

When time comes, teenagers may ask for Invisalign Teen® braces. Compared to conventional metal or porcelain braces, virtually invisible aligners are more appealing and less conspicuous. They are simpler to use  and simpler to clean. Additionally, your teen is more assured in social situations.

How Does Teen Invisalign Work?

  • Each set of Invisible Aligners For Teens In Panama must be worn for about seven to ten days
  • They must be removed only to eat, drink, brush and floss.
  • The teeth will move gradually each week.
  • There will be a visit to the dentist every 4-8 weeks.
  • Total treatment time is, usually, less than those with brackets, but may vary from person to person depending upon cooperation of use and severity of the problem to correct.
  • The number of aligners may be as low as around 7, but some cases may reach considerable higher numbers of aligners when complexity of the problems that may need correction it’s observed by your orthodontist.

Why Do Young People Choose Invisible Aligners For Teens In Panama like Invisalign?

Discrete Compared to Regular Braces

The fact that they are nearly undetectable is their main advantage over conventional braces. Invisible clear aligners are less noticeable so children with braces tend to hide their smiles and Invisalign let your teens shine without the chance to remove their braces for the constant selfies and photographs. They’ll also feel more confident with Invisalign Teen aligners.

Simple to Maintain and Clean

Cleaning is simpler than cleaning conventional braces as cleaning and flossing metal braces can be a hassle and, since braces are temporary, many teenagers decide to forgo brushing or flossing. With invisible aligners, you can keep your children’s braces cleaner and more hygienic.

Painless Compared to Other Braces

Compared to metal braces, invisible aligners are far less unpleasant. Because each tooth has a large anchor when wearing metal braces. Since metal and porcelain braces are “anchored” on each tooth they can dig into lips and cheeks, and can be sometimes painful if your teens aren’t careful.

Conventional braces have a risk of breaking, cutting the cheeks and tongue, infecting the area, and necessitating an extra visit to the dentist.

No dietary limitations

A special diet that excludes foods like ice cream, popcorn, and corn on the cob is required for most braces. When tightened, metal braces can sometimes be uncomfortable. This can prevent your teens from enjoying the foods they love.

The dietary limitations of invisible aligners are not existent because you can take them out for each meal. You don’t have to worry that your teenagers may pop a wire or break a bracket if they continue to consume inadequate foods.

A Glistening, Healthy Smile

Most adolescent girls and boys are self-conscious. The cosmetic benefit of invisible aligners is one of their advantages. They help your teen feel better about themselves and smile with more confidence.

Fewer Headaches and Oral Issues

Many teenagers may deal with additional problems because of their crooked teeth and “bad bite”. When teeth are crouching over one another, brushing and flossing becomes challenging. Oral health problems including gingivitis and foul breath can result from these situations that come from teeth crowding.

Blue Wear Dot Indicator

A Blue Dot Wear Indicator is included with Invisalign Teen. This will demonstrate to your orthodontist how long a patient wore each aligner.

The Orthodontist only uses this as a guide. A check on their teeth will confirm if your teen has been following the rules of 20-22 hours usage a day.


Nothing is going to change about your teenagers smile until you take action.

Call today to learn why teenagers prefer going for Invisalign Teen and what the best orthodontist in Panama City can offer you.

You are welcome into the office where Dental One staff will strive to make you comfortable while we work with up-to-date technology. We will keep you well-informed about Invisalign Teen and all your orthodontic options.

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