Orthodontics for pregnant women in Panama

Can I Wear Braces If I’m Pregnant?

Pregnancy and the Braces Diet

It has been shown that a diet rich in protein may boost breast milk production. However, certain meat may be tough to chew, so it’s best to avoid this when wearing braces. Meat items that require you to rip them with your teeth, such as rough steaks or beef jerky, should be avoided.

Additional excellent sources of protein that are compatible with braces are eggs, chicken breast, pig tenderloin, cheese, and yoghurt. Although fish may be an excellent source of protein, you should stay away from those that may contain mercury while you are pregnant, such as swordfish and mackerel. You may prepare a high-protein diet by using these meal plans if you’re a vegetarian or vegan.

Speak with your doctors about orthodontic care.

Orthodontic therapy may be started or continued throughout pregnancy with complete safety. If you are pregnant or want to become pregnant, you should let your orthodontist know since this might alter some of the treatment plans.

It is advisable to discuss orthodontic treatment with your obstetrician in advance if you are expecting a child. The reason for this is that every member of your medical team has to be informed of the treatment you are getting and should be in agreement with each other.

Orthodontics for pregnant women in Panama

What Effects Does Pregnancy Have on My Teeth?

It may surprise you to hear that having a baby may have a big impact on your dental profile. You may experience certain changes or annoyances with your teeth during pregnancy, even if you have never had any issues with them before. For instance, some women have gum inflammation during pregnancy.

Pregnancy hormones might also cause teeth to loosen. This does not imply that your teeth will always jiggle or that they are in danger of coming out. After the baby is born, your teeth should reattach normally, but it’s crucial that the orthodontist take these changes into account when designing your treatment schedule.

You may need to have somewhat more frequent sessions with your orthodontist due to these small problems that you can encounter throughout your pregnancy. Although a patient should visit a doctor about every eight weeks on average, you may require examinations more often every five or six. As your therapy goes forward, your orthodontist will make this determination.

X-ray Radiation

You may be worried about the radiation that dental imaging produces. When you are pregnant, it is usually preferable to limit or completely avoid radiation exposure, even in little doses. However, in order to prevent radiation exposure to the developing baby during imaging, orthodontists use a protective device that is put over your abdomen.

Oral Hygiene

The need of maintaining good dental hygiene during orthodontic treatment cannot be overstated, and it becomes even more crucial if you are expecting. You will learn from your orthodontist how to take care of your braces to keep your gums healthy and to get rid of any germs or food particles.

Morning sickness is an uncomfortable side effect that many women experience in the early stages of pregnancy. Vomiting exposes your teeth to acid, which has the ability to dissolve metal. This implies that it will undoubtedly erode your teeth. If throughout your pregnancy you have vomiting fits, you need to rinse and wash your teeth right away.


There’s good news if you’re concerned about taking medication while pregnant: orthodontic treatment doesn’t call for any form of medication. Additionally, it is uncommon for an orthodontist to need to undertake a surgery while sedated, so you won’t need to worry about the baby’s reaction.

Will Getting Braces During My Pregnancy Hurt Me More?

Regretfully, pregnant patients may, on sometimes, find wearing braces to be a little more uncomfortable than usual. This is a consequence of both increased gum inflammation and greater nerve sensitivity brought on by pregnancy. While not everyone will experience this, it’s wise to be prepared for the possibilities.

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