Sports dentistry in Panama

Odontología Deportiva En Panamá

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The focus of Sports Dentistry is the prevention and management of sports-related orofacial injuries and associated diseases. Sports dentistry supports athletes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating oral disease and injuries.

Education is also an essential factor. We endeavour to inform athletes, coaches and parents about the importance of preventing oral health and performance problems and trauma.

Sports dentistry is still a relatively new but increasingly vital. Dentists prevent and manage orofacial injuries that result from playing sports. These include hard and soft tissue injuries to the teeth and bones.

Amateur and young athletes face greater risk of oral injuries, because they may not receive proper guidance and/or training.

Causes of Dental Injuries in Sports

Injuries, facial bone fractures and brain concussions should receive special attention, as sports-related blows may carry a considerable amount of energy. Aerial duels with projection of the body and consequent head and/or elbow contact completely change the impact received on the facial bone structure.

Some dental problems, such as non-carious cervical lesions, TMJ disorders and/or dental fractures, may also come from over training, an unfavourable diet, or a lack of education of oral hygiene. Swimmers are particularly exposed to dental erosion risk due to potentially acidic aqueous environment.

The dentists at Dental One also take care of oral disease that can occur due to these injuries.

What dental problems are treated in sports dentistry?

Regular dental check-ups can be used to detect and treat existing problems at the early stages. Prevention, diagnosis and, if necessary, therapy can make a small difference between the success and failure of an athlete, no matter if they are amateur or professional.

Which dental problems can affect your athletic performance?

  • Displaced or impacted wisdom molars
  • Dead tooth or root inflammation
  • Sports injuries of teeth and jaw
  • Inflammation of the gum and the jawbone
  • Cavities risk due to high-sugar diet (e.g., isotonic drinks)
  • Jaw and bite problems

Oral surgery

Oral surgery is an important component to sports-related injuries for athletes, with the most common area of dental trauma being the upper front teeth. Dental One can provide sound clinical advice and comprehensive treatment for every patient.

Using state-of-the-art technology, our goal is to enhance patient experience using the most advanced procedures and equipment available, thereby ensuring every patient has a healthy mouth.

The equipment provides both intra-oral and extra-oral radiographs, giving our dentists the opportunity to determine any possible further complications that cannot be seen through an oral examination.

Dental Screening

Dental screening is the process in which an athlete’s oral health is evaluated through a thorough soft and hard tissue examination. This procedure can assist in identifying any asymptomatic dental problems, to follow-up on any treatment you may be undergoing,

Is not uncommon for dentists to recognise the symptoms of anorexia and bulimia through dental examination. These patients need to be referred to the proper medical and psychological health professional.


Sports Mouthguard

A mouthguard is a specially made, rubber-like cover which fits exactly over your teeth and gums, cushioning and protecting them from damage. They may even help prevent concussion and damage caused by a heavy blow.

Depending on your age, your mouthguard may need replacing from time to time – it’s essential that it never becomes too loose.


When would i need a mouthguard?

It’s important to wear a professionally made mouthguard whenever you play any contact sports such as football, soccer, basketball, boxing or rugby. A mouthguard will help protect your teeth and surrounding tissues.