Wisdom tooth extraction with sedation in Panama

Wisdom tooth extraction with sedation in Panama

Most individuals can have anywhere from zero to four wisdom teeth. If you have wisdom teeth, they may begin to erupt by the time you reach young adulthood, causing your teeth to become compressed. Because wisdom teeth are anchored to your jawbone by extended roots, their extraction can be excruciating and invasive. Therefore, our oral surgeon may prescribe that you receive anesthesia before or during the extraction of your wisdom teeth to soothe your nerves and alleviate any pain you may experience.

How to do the Wisdom tooth extraction with sedation in Panama?

Planning for Sedation for the Extraction of Your Wisdom Teeth

During your consultation with our team, you will receive a routine oral examination, a review of your medical history, and comprehensive 3-D images of your mouth to determine whether or not your wisdom teeth require extraction. If it is determined that you qualify for the procedure, we will schedule your second appointment and discuss sedation options with you. The selected method of sedation is determined by your medical history and your level of anxiety regarding your procedure. Based on these considerations, we recommend selecting one of the following:

Nitrous Suppression

Nitrous oxide anaesthetic, also known as laughing gas, is the most common method used during dental procedures, including the extraction of wisdom teeth, because it is minimally invasive. With this method of sedative, a face mask is placed over your nostril to administer a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen that induces a calming sensation and reduces your distress during the procedure. Inhalational sedation permits you to remain conscious during the extraction of your wisdom teeth. After surgery, your face mask is removed, and the effects fade off within ten minutes, allowing you to drive yourself home.

Local Anaesthesia

Local anaesthesia is frequently utilised in dental offices for procedures such as filling cavities. This form of anaesthesia is a paralysing agent that is injected directly into the gums surrounding the treatment area.

Occasionally, nitrous oxide is added to local anaesthesia for added relaxation. Local anaesthesia is extremely safe and effective for the treatment of minor surgical pain. Following treatment, you may experience numbness in your cheekbones and gums.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation, also known as conscious sedation, involves ingesting medication to help you calm before your wisdom teeth extraction.

We will instruct you to consume the medication one hour prior to the extraction of your wisdom teeth. Depending on the dosage, you will likely feel drowsy or sluggish, and you may even nod off during your surgery. If this occurs, our surgeon will gently prod you awake to inform you that the surgery is complete. With this method of sedative, you will need to arrange for a transport home after your procedure, as the medication is likely to render you fatigued.

IV Sedation

If you receive this method of anesthetic before having your wisdom teeth extracted, the medications will be administered intravenously so they can be distributed throughout your body. IV sedation, the most powerful method of sedation, will render you comatose during surgery. As our oral surgeon extracts your third molars, our anesthesiologist will modify and monitor your medication levels to ensure you do not awaken. If you choose this method of anaesthetic, you must refrain from consuming food for 12 hours prior to your procedure (unless otherwise instructed) and arrange for transportation to take you home after the surgery.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction by Dental One

Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the first major oral procedures that most individuals will undergo. At Dental One, we provide you with the upscale hospitality you deserve to put you at ease on the day of your appointment, allowing you to come in, unwind, and depart with a healthy new smile from our skillful oral surgeon.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started on the path to an attractive and healthy smile for life.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for Wisdom tooth extraction with sedation in Panama and get started on the path to a healthy, attractive smile for life.

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