Tooth Extraction Or Exodontics In Panama

Tooth extraction or exodontics in Panama

Dentists and oral surgeons extract teeth for several reasons. Some examples include:

 • Dental cavity that affects the nerve and structure beyond the salvageable

 • Gum disease with severe loss of the supporting bone

 • Dental infections/infections

 • Trauma or blunt injury to the tooth or surrounding bone

 • Complications of wisdom teeth.

 • Preparation for a dental prosthesis

 • Preparation for orthodontic appliances for crowded teeth

 • Baby teeth don’t fall out at the expected age 

Everything you need to know about tooth extraction or exodontics in Panama

 Tooth extraction techniques

 The type of extraction depends on the size, shape, position and location of the tooth inside the mouth.

 Dental surgeons can classify extractions as simple or complex. A tooth that is visible above the gum line and that a dentist can take in a single piece can qualify for a simple extraction.

 A more difficult extraction is one that requires the excision of bone, gum tissue or both. The surgeon may need to remove the teeth in sections.

 Wisdom teeth are the last to erupt and, in general, the first to require extraction because in many people they have not completely left the gums.

 Should a dentist or an oral surgeon perform a dental extraction?

 Nobody likes to have a tooth extracted, but the good news is that it is usually a quick process.

 But sometimes, unique conditions require a unique treatment, so your dentist can refer you to a maxillofacial surgeon.

 What is the difference between dentists and maxillofacial surgeons?

 Dentists perform many procedures that include cleanings, exams, simple tooth extractions, cavity fillings, etc.

 Maxillofacial surgeons go a step further. For procedures that require cutting the gums or working under the osse margin, they are educated in maxillofacial surgery. If dentists have the necessary training, they could perform oral surgery procedures.

 Most tooth extractions are simple procedures that a dentist can perform without any problem following specific surgical parameters and the patient obeying the indications given. Oral surgeons would only be referred if a problem with the tooth was discovered, such as a part of the root breaking during extraction.

 Dental or exodontic extraction procedure in Panama

 Our dentist will obtain an x-ray of the patient’s tooth before starting the extraction so that we can evaluate the curvature and angle of the root of the tooth with the help of these images. Depending on what the dentist considers, a panoramic x-ray may be necessary.

 The surgeon will begin the extraction after the local anesthetic has completely numbed the region. The tooth could be extracted in several fragments if necessary.

 The dentist may need to cut the gum or remove the bone that is blocking the tooth if it is hidden under the gum or bone tissue.

 Although there should be no pain, it is likely that the tooth will feel pressure. In addition, they may hear grinding and breaking teeth or bones. Some people find the situation unpleasant.

 Stitches or additional treatments may be required to control bleeding after extraction in a healthy patient. The patient will be instructed to bite a large gauze that the dentist placed on the extraction site to absorb the blood and start the clotting process. The patient should not make poutes of any kind so that the clot stays in place, preventing bleeding.

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